Take a look around, and you’ll notice that corporate web design has undergone a serious makeover, shifting from branding, branding, branding to content, content, content.

Such corporate websites belonging to brands like Coca Cola, Siemens and Nestle are beefing up news stories and toning down on product marketing, which makes it quite clear: Content–text, images and video–plays a large role in today’s world of corporate web design.

Just look at one of the aforementioned corporations, Coca Cola. The king of beverages has become the king of content as well. Let’s investigate a few key points about the company’s new approach to their website.

  • In November, 2013, Coca Cola announced: “We believe that great, brand-created stories matter, that exceptional writing wins the day, and that building a digital newsroom would lead not only to a transformation in how we engage with our consumers but also how we work.” This comment supports Coca Cola’s claim that “content is king.
  • The tagline on their newly-designed site is “Refreshing the world, one story at a time.” Coca Cola wants to promote themselves through storytelling, whether the source is current events, interviews or even music reviews.
  • Their new web design has a simplified navigation bar including: Home, Brands, Videos, Food, Music, Unbottled. Below the navigation bar is a scrolling image bar of news stories ranging from the Olympics to teenage unemployment. Following the image bar is the “Just Poured” section, which is another news section with the aesthetic of a major news source like CNN or the BBC.
  • Most importantly, the “Unbottled” tab is the corporation’s blog, an up-to-date reel of stories and interactivity. Stories cover pop culture, world events and even a few advice columns. On an interactive level, the company has a “share your story” button that allows the visitor to upload photos, videos and text to share on Coca Cola’s blog. This idea is quite brilliant since blogs are the fuel tank of SEO keywords.

In sum, corporate web design is going under some big changes. The companies mentioned above are world-leading powerhouses and will serve as the new standard for corporate websites.

So watch out for more and more corporations changing their web design from brand-focused to content-focused.