Designing a user-friendly and engaging website for a children's social care company

On Point was in need of a website to better communicate and connect with their audience. While child social care services often adopt a heavy and somber tone, our goal was to challenge that norm and convey a message of hope and positivity through the work they do.

CASE STUDY:#263COMPANY:On PointDATE:2023DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Onpoint Web Design

Bringing a ray of hope to children's social care services

The first step in the design process was to research the client’s audience and competitors. Based on the research, wireframes were created to plan the layout and structure of the website. These wireframes were then reviewed and refined with the client to ensure that they met their needs and expectations.

From the outset of the design phase, we made a deliberate decision to steer clear of using the typical sad-faced children imagery that is often found on websites in this industry. Every page features an auto-playing background video that displays children playing and smiling, adding an extra touch of warmth.

Utilising WordPress as the foundation, the website was developed with an emphasis on providing an exceptional user experience. A customised theme was developed to ensure the website was distinct and aligned with the client’s branding.

We incorporated ample copy to thoroughly explain the essential services offered by On Point, and included testimonials from previous clients to demonstrate the company’s positive impact.

Together, we created a website that have people saying, “Wow, this is not your typical children’s social care services website!

The entire website is hosted on Potato Care, our world-class, WordPress hosting and maintenance service with incredibly fast load times that make browsing on mobile intuitive, and nearly instant.


We had content and a clear vision but lacked the expertise to create a website that truly reflected our company. Thanks to Metal Potato’s skill and efficiency, we were able to develop a website that exceeded our expectations.
Elaine Redding — Founder, On Point