Your website should be a vibrant, positive and exciting part of your business—not a necessary evil. It should represent your company well, save you time and help you earn more money. We’ve helped thousands of people across the world save time and earn more than £100m by building beautiful, easy-to-use websites. Whether you’re an agency, celebrity brand, media company or a government or organisation, Metal Potato will help launch your website on time, on budget, on-message and en route. Let’s do launch!

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If a developer doesn’t launch your website on time you’ve lost time, money and energy. Worse than that, an “unlaunched” website means that your old site is still doing damage to your brand. The average site runs months behind schedule. Unacceptable to our way of thinking, and yet it has become the industry norm. We’re out to change that. You should expect better from your website designer. After gaining a full understanding of your company’s digital needs, Metal Potato will build a site that meets your expectations and launches on time… and at a price that will keep you smiling.

In the world of web design, you will often run across people who are good at programming, but are completely in the dark when it comes to meeting payroll or planning a budget. Standard business practices – like fulfilling a price commitment – don’t seem to apply in the cyberworld. We know how maddening it can be when the price of building a new website keeps changing – and always up, never down! We also know that it can play havoc with your budget planning. So be advised, that along with building your website on time, Metal Potato will build it on-budget. You can plan on it!

Staying on-message is about efficiency and discipline. Unless you have an unlimited bankroll, it is crucial that you present a website that is completely consistent with your company's image, core values, promos and the like. If not, you could be like my aunt Gladys. Her flower seeds didn’t bloom the same colour this year as they had previously, so she went down to the hardware store and spoke to the manager. He doesn’t own the place, he just manages it. He replaced that nice man that had been there for nearly 20 years… see how easy it is to get off-message?

Ten years ago, the smart phone was introduced and turned web design on its ear. Nearly 70 percent of all browsing now occurs from a mobile device. You need design that allows your website to hit on all cylinders no matter the device on which it’s viewed. The industry calls it Responsive Web Design, and without it you are losing a substantial amount of business. We simply call it “mobilising,” and we’ve been at it since Day One. Anyone can make your site available on a smart phone; but making it work properly is what matters. When it’s time to launch your new site, let’s mobilise… the “right” way!


Metal Potato websites have generated more than £60m for clients this past year because they're beautiful, responsive, and easy-to-use.


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