A journey to wellness: transforming visions into reality

Izzy Seadon, a passionate naturopathic advice and herbal medicines specialist, partnered with our team to bring her bespoke vision to life. Working closely with Izzy’s designer, we transformed her designs into a captivating website.

CASE STUDY:#273COMPANY:Izzy SeadonDATE:2023DELIVERABLES:Development, Support & Maintenance

Unleashing the healing power of nature

Izzy Seadon has been a client of Metal Potato for six years and recently returned for a redesign. With our WordPress development expertise, we created a stunning website that encapsulates Izzy’s comprehensive approach to well-being. Working closely with her designer, we brought her creative vision to life, reflecting her deep respect for the healing power of nature.

We integrated WooCommerce into the website, empowering Izzy to showcase and sell her herbal teas, event tickets, and other wellness products. To encourage interaction and generate leads, we placed call-to-actions and forms throughout the site, making it easy for visitors to engage and connect with Izzy’s message of natural healing.

Izzy can now share her expertise, insights, and personal anecdotes, inspiring and educating visitors on their journey to vibrant health. Her website serves as a gateway to transformative healing, offering personalised naturopathic advice, herbal medicine consultations, and educational workshops.

Our collaboration with Izzy exemplifies our commitment to bringing our clients’ dreams to life. We created a WordPress-based website that embodies Izzy’s authentic brand and fosters a sense of trust and connection with her audience. Together, we have cultivated an online space that harnesses the healing power of nature and invites visitors to embrace wellness and rediscover the profound benefits of natural medicine.

The entire website is hosted on Potato Care, our world-class, WordPress hosting and maintenance service with incredibly fast load times, guaranteed maximum uptime and 24/7 customer support.


Metal Potato are great at building websites and are honest, trustworthy, reliable and caring. They go above and beyond and I recommend them to everyone! They have been there for me as my business evolves and I wouldn’t be without them!
Izzy Seadon — Founder