Build and launch a rapidly-aging legacy newspaper online

When Brownsville Press launched in rural Tennessee in 2016, its owners were hedging their bet on local news. The company aimed to revitalise the traditional news publication by leveraging its local expertise and offering in-depth reporting and analysis to its small but dedicated circulation base of approximately 10,000 readers.

CASE STUDY:#199COMPANY:Brownsville PressDATE:2020DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Local news with a new way of life

Newspapers need at least two components to survive, advertisers and subscribers. Brownsville Press knew they could lean on an experienced sales staff with deep, local ties to move that needle, but to gain subscribers, they looked to us.

Our solution? Craft a compelling WordPress-based website with the ability to elegantly post local news and events, while also hosting an online edition for subscribers only.

The end result is a partially-gated website that has helped Brownsville Press become an award-winning news publication garnering statewide recognition while leaning on a healthy subscriber base to drive profit. The combination of digital and print media creates a harmonious and effective strategy, worthy of being featured on the front page.

To keep the paper ticking 24/7, Brownsville Press rely on our cloud-based hosting service, Potato Care. This ensures that even during the most heated news cycles, the wheels of Brownsville Press keep spinning.


Our new website turned out exactly as we had hoped and the process was made easy and hassle-free thanks to Metal Potato’s excellent customer service. We love the final product and highly recommend them.
Brooke McCain — Project Lead, Brownsville Press