Build a modern website for a speciality talent acquisition powerhouse

Leadership matters in the business world. The right management can take a company to the top or sink it like a rock—that’s where Valentine Thomas comes in. This speciality search firm is a talent acquisition powerhouse. If your business is on the hunt for a new CEO, Valentine Thomas are the people to call.

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Valentine Thomas Recruitment Web Design

Finding the perfect executive for your position

Valentine Thomas’ database spans 13 countries and 50,000 individuals, each meticulously vetted to help your business find the perfect fit. But with such a large database and such a specialised business model, a boilerplate website wouldn’t do. Instead, the perfect online presence needed to be tailor-made for their needs.

Sometimes the best web designs shine behind the scenes. If done properly, they fly under-the-radar and let the content do the talking. That’s the route we chose for Valentine Thomas. Their elegant, minimalist web design allows powerful images and content to do the talking. Behind the curtain, a powerful WordPress-based platform fuels a bespoke PDF document system that allows clients to download monthly and yearly updates to their devices—no sign-ups or complicated login procedures required.

The entire platform is run on Potato Care, our cloud-based premium hosting service that ensures maximum uptime and 24/7 support. That keeps the 50,000-profile portfolio at Valentine Thomas running strong and the wheels of business turning year-round.


Working with Metal Potato has been painless and enjoyable. They were on hand to assist with all aspects, and their attention to detail is second-to-none. We are proud of and look forward to working with Metal Potato, both now, and in the future.
Basil Reid Thomas — Partner, Valentine Thomas