Rarely does a client request a redesign without a flaw in their website

Alchemy Oils requested just that—for the third time. After an initial website build in 2014 and a redesign in 2016, Alchemy Oils approached us for an all-new site in 2019. We were honoured to oblige.

CASE STUDY:#189COMPANY:Alchemy OilsDATE:2019DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Alchemy Oils Website Design

How quickly can we redesign a website? 3 weeks? Try 8 days!

In the two years since their last web design, Alchemy Oils updated their branding, pricing, and packaging. This necessitated an all-new website to tie in with the companies new look.

In a rare twist of fate, the site’s owner came to us with a WordPress theme already hand-picked. Our task was to integrate this theme into their existing website—and to retain the functionality of their store while enhancing the site overall. Thanks to new, bespoke sliders and an inside-out code removal and replacement program that placed their old website content on the new framework, Alchemy Oils has just that.

It was important to showcase all of these new elements while incorporating the most cutting edge design possible. We incorporated all new site photography, parallax full-page vertical slides to showcase product, and full screen, auto-playing background videos.

Alchemy Oils had an advertising campaign to run and hoped to have their new website ready in three weeks; always up for a challenge, our engineers had the website ready in just eight days.

And by pairing Alchemy Oils’ new website with our ultra-reliable Potato Care hosting service, we have eliminated the hassle of website ownership.


Metal Potato built a beautiful, intuitive and visually appealing website. I appreciate that they always explain our options, offer opinions but don’t try to push you in a direction you don’t want to go in. They have always been a dream to work with.
Amandeep Panglin — Founder, Alchemy Oils