What goes around comes back around. Way back in 2014, we worked with Alchemy Oils to develop an eCommerce website for their hair treatment products that has been working hard for them for the last two years. Here we are in 2016, and Alchemy Oils has come back around for a fresh update to match their fresh, new products.


In a rare twist of fate, the site's owner came to us with a WordPress theme already hand-picked. Our task was to integrate this theme into their existing website—and to retain the functionality of their store while enhancing the site overall. Thanks to new, bespoke sliders and an inside-out code removal and replacement program that placed their old website content on the new framework, Alchemy Oils has just that. Best of all, we were able to turn the project completely around from start to finish in just four days.


Our aim for our new site was to showcase our rebranded packaging and create a more refined, visually appealing aesthetic that is easy to shop and navigate. Metal Potato understood everything that was required and made themselves fully available to answer any questions. The site is beautiful and the work they have done is incredible. I appreciate that they always explain all of our options, offer opinions but don’t try to push you in a direction you don’t want to go in. All in all, Metal Potato are a dream to work with.
Amandeep Panglin