A digital overhaul of Lucy Watson's jewellery brand, Civerso

Websites age faster than dogs, and after seven long and profitable years, Civerso approached us for a redesign of the website that we built in 2013.

CASE STUDY:#198COMPANY:CiversoDATE:2020DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Civerso Web Design

A long-overdue eCommerce website redesign

Inspired by a new product line launch, founder and TV star Lucy Watson decided it was time for a revamp.

Though the original Civerso site had aged well by 2013 standards, 2020 called for a total ground-up reimagining of its space. Powered by a modern, minimalist sense of style that includes loads of white space, large crisp images, clear typography and even more customer-focused copy, we built a website that fades into the background while Lucy’s jewellery does the talking.

With a tight, one week window for delivery, we blew passed the checkered flag and across the finish line on just Day 6 of that timeline, and our old friend Lucy couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

Hosted on Potato Care, our world-class, cloud-based hosting service, the entire website provides incredibly fast loading times which make browsing on mobile devices feel intuitive and nearly instantaneous.

I am very satisfied with the work that Metal Potato has done in creating my third website. They were efficient and effectively captured the vision I had. They consistently maintain my website to a high level of excellence and I plan to continue working with them.
Lucy Watson — Founder