Unleashing the potential of high-achievers with Natasha's coaching website

When Natasha came to Metal Potato, she was on a mission to empower high-achievers to unleash their potential and achieve true work happiness. And let us tell you, we were fired up to be a part of that journey!

CASE STUDY:#229COMPANY:Natasha ChaturDATE:2021DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Creating a digital hub for professional growth

Natasha Chatur has a reputation as an outstanding coach and specialises in helping professionals who feel stuck, lost, and lacking control. Her website serves as a powerful tool to showcase her services and drive leads and conversions for her coaching business. The site features an engaging “About” page that highlights Natasha’s qualifications and background. A journal provides coaching tips and regular updates, offering visitors a valuable resource for improving their work happiness.

Built on WordPress, the website delivers a seamless and responsive experience across all devices. To ensure optimal security and maintenance, the site is hosted on Potato Care, our reliable cloud hosting service that offers backups and technical support.

Natasha’s unwavering passion for helping others and clear vision for her website guided the development process. The end result is a visually stunning website that effectively communicates the immense value of her coaching services. The clean design, intuitive navigation, and prominent call-to-action encourage visitors to take the next step and book a consultation or contact her directly.


Working with Metal Potato is wonderfully simple and fun for something that can feel very complicated. They are responsive, patient and quickly grasped what you need and turns that into a working website reflecting your brief and budget, staying in communication with you along the way and beyond.
Natasha Chatur — Founder