Revitalising a nutritionist's online presence in record time

Amy Young sought a website that could generate leads, sell digital courses and downloads, and inform potential customers about her services.

CASE STUDY:#227COMPANY:Amy YoungDATE:2021DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Amy Young Nutrition Web Design

Boosting business with a professional website

Amy challenged our team with creating a website that would help her advertise her healthy eating services, provide online education and consultations, and even sell online courses and nutritional programs – all within just ten days. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, Metal Potato delivered the goods in just six days! Talk about fast food, but the healthy kind this time.

We built the website on WordPress and made sure it was chock-full of helpful blog posts, videos, events, and contact forms to generate leads and make it easy for users to book appointments with Amy. We also included a call-to-action system that was based on our past success and used WooCommerce for all the eCommerce features. Plus, we made sure that Amy could easily customise and edit the website herself, without needing to rely on an external agency for content adjustments.

To ensure that the website was always running smoothly, we powered it with our own cloud-based premium hosting service, Potato Care. This guarantees maximum uptime and 24/7 customer support, allowing customers to say goodbye to unhealthy habits and visit Amy’s website for a healthy dose of knowledge and inspiration whenever they need it.


I couldn’t be happier with the website that Metal Potato created for my nutrition business. The design is gorgeous and it’s helped me attract new clients. I recommend Metal Potato.
Amy Young — Founder