Nurturing hope and empowering fertility journeys

FertileMe, a leading fertility service based in England, embarked on a transformative journey with Metal Potato to create an informative and user-friendly website that would educate and empower individuals on their path to parenthood.

CASE STUDY:#187COMPANY:FertileMeDATE:2019DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

The power of holistic health and wellness

At the core of FertileMe is founder Vivien Zbinden, a qualified naturopath, herbalist, and fertility expert. Vivien’s personal experience with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) ignited her passion for helping others facing similar challenges.

This projects primary goal was to educate and empower users while also providing them with access to the valuable services offered by FertileMe. Vivien’s extensive knowledge and empathetic approach shine through in her insightful blog posts and content. Users can explore and purchase a range of carefully curated herbal remedies, medicines, online guides, and training to complement their fertility journeys.

FertileMe’s newly developed website is built on WordPress and exemplifies Vivien’s unwavering commitment to assisting individuals on their fertility journeys. Our partnership has facilitated a seamless online experience that aligns perfectly with FertileMe’s mission of fostering hope and empowerment.

With a combination of educational content, eCommerce capabilities, and lead generation tools, FertileMe’s new website positions them as a trusted destination for those seeking holistic fertility solutions.


My website has significantly improved my online presence, driving more traffic and increasing customer engagement. What sets Metal Potato apart is their commitment to customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking high-quality, reliable, and customer-focused web design services.
Vivien Zbinden — Founder, FertileMe