Boost lead generation with a ground-up website overhaul

When Beckett Telecom launched their website in 2016, it was innovative and ahead of its time. Mobile websites that were quick and looked good on any device were just becoming popular. But the internet moves at a rapid pace and four years later, they required an upgrade to stay current.

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Beckett Telecom - Web Design

Metal Potato's solution...

The dumpster. We gave Beckett Telecom’s website a memorial service for its time well-served before lowering its code into the trash can of the internet. “Empty trash,” and she was gone.

Not a single piece of content from their original site would make it onto their new one, in what became a ground-up rebuild with rewritten copy, a brand new sitemap, and all new content. The key focus? Lead generation.

Customer outreach is critical in eCommerce, and it’s especially critical for a company who makes its living with one-on-one interactions. Whereas their original website had only one contact form, hidden in the menu; the new one is built around Call to Action from the start.

Its homepage is an elegant landing page designed to make outreach a 5 second process. Just enter your info, and a Beckett team member will get right back to you.

Looking for services? They’re all right there, up front. Need testimonials? Boom, you got it. Now, Beckett Telecom is leading the way in mobile website engagement once again; and the proof is in the pudding, as they say—conversion numbers are already way up.

The website is fully hosted on Potato Care, our top-of-the-line cloud-based hosting service, which boasts lightning-fast load times for an effortless mobile browsing experience that is nearly instantaneous.


Metal Potato is consistently responsive and willing to go the extra mile to assist us. Their professionalism and technical competence in the WordPress arena is unmatched. We have tried others and can confidently say that it would be difficult to find a better team.
Graham Beckett — Founder, Beckett Telecom