Empowering fitness enthusiasts with a knockout website

Boxing, an ancient sport that combines physical prowess and mental discipline, has experienced a renaissance in recent years. Boxx, a leading boxing gym based in London, sought to capitalise on this growing trend by redesigning their website.

CASE STUDY:#264COMPANY:BoxxDATE:2023DELIVERABLES:Development, Support & Maintenance

A champion's result

When Boxx approached Metal Potato, their existing website failed to capture the energy and essence of their gym. It was clear that a new design was necessary to attract and engage potential members.

Using WordPress, we transformed the client’s design into a functional site, featuring high-resolution imagery that instantly captivates visitors with the intensity of boxing.

Metal Potato recognised the significance of user experience and lead generation in driving Boxx’s business expansion. To achieve this, the integrated strategically positioned call-to-action features that motivated visitors to register for classes or enquire about memberships.

We streamlined online payments and introduced subscription options to promote recurring revenue and offer users a seamless way to manage their memberships. By automating the gym’s booking system, the website further enhanced convenience for users and ensured efficient operations.

Boxx also recognised the value of reliable hosting and opted for Potato Care, our cloud-based hosting and maintenance service. The result? A winning combination of increased website traffic, boosted conversions, and a growing community of boxing enthusiasts.


I was very grateful to have been introduced to Metal Potato after several bad experience with other developers/agencies. They are super reliable, flexible, very quick to respond and gets the job done, all at an affordable price. I have worked with Metal Potato for years and would definitely recommend their services.
Anna Samuels — Founder, Boxx