Build a website to educate and fund medical assistance worldwide

The David Nott Foundation brings medical aide, training and surgery to disadvantaged places around the world. You’ll find few better causes on the planet.

CASE STUDY:#160COMPANY:David Nott FoundationDATE:2017DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

David Nott Foundation - Charity Web Design

Working with the charity to redefine the focus of their website

The foundation has practiced surgery in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Liberia, Chad, Ivory Coast, Libya, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Haiti. David Nott has been awarded by the British Royal Family for his charity work in war zones around the globe.

Providing medical services to people who need them most and can afford them least deserves a round of applause from all of us. However, like a luxury car with a bad paint job, the David Nott Foundation needed a new look to truly let its heart shine online.

Though the previous website already ran on WordPress and their staff was familiar with the Content Management System; its copy and content tried to be everything to everyone, diluting their brand message.

Our copywriters re-wrote the homepage while our web developers streamlined the look of the website. After adding a custom, “Charity Checkout” eCommerce service to the site to facilitate online donations, we completely redesigned their news and blogging sections to help visitors easily find the precise content they’re looking for. The result is a fresh coat of paint for a charity that truly deserves to look as good as it runs.

We took the guesswork out of website ownership by teaming the foundations new website with our ridiculously reliable Potato Care hosting service. That leaves the maintenance up to us and allows their team to focus on the foundations charitable mission.


Metal Potato was right on the mark from the start and completed the project in under 3 weeks. Clearly passionate about their work, true perfectionists who were always at the end of a phone at literally any hour! We are thrilled with our new website.
Lydia Dowden — Project Lead, David Nott Foundation