Replace an ancient job platform with a 21st century solution

It’s an all too common situation: Mediconnect’s original website was built on a proprietary system that was inefficient from both back end and user-facing angles. A modernisation programme was needed, urgently!

CASE STUDY:#161COMPANY:Mediconnect RecruitDATE:2017DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Mediconnect Recruitment Responsive Web Designer

Empowering recruitment teams with a bespoke new website

The  Mediconnect Recruitment website was difficult to update which resulted in staff that was at first beleaguered by the task and eventually disheartened enough to stop updating it at all. It was a job posting site without job postings, and that wouldn’t do.

Using our expertise in the WordPress arena, we ripped apart the old website to create a clean, modern solution from the ground up. With a modern, intuitive job posting system, updates are easy to upload and easy to filter by location, industry, employer, salary and more.

The entire system is feature-rich yet incredibly efficient. Users can register with Mediconnect and receive alerts for jobs that meet their skill set—and, they can apply for those jobs online in minutes. Resumes can be saved to the system and searched by potential employers.

Potato Care, our world-class hosting and maintenance service powers the new Mediconnect website. It guarantees lightning-fast load times that make navigating on mobile devices seamless and nearly instantaneous


Metal Potato have been a joy to work with. They are passionate and care about their work. We changed our minds quite a bit when planning the new website but it was never a problem for them. I would highly recommend their services.
Steve Summers — Founder, Mediconnect