A new home for advancing careers and improving lives

What’s keeping you from being the best version of yourself? Is it lack of confidence? Burnout? A career crisis or loss of motivation? The team at UnlockYourBlock is built to conquer those obstacles.

CASE STUDY:#261COMPANY:UnlockYourBlockDATE:2020DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

A website built to break through burnout

In 2023, Tia revisits Metal Potato to revamp her website. Although the website we developed for her in 2020 achieved success, it was time for a fresh look. Our dedicated team sprang into action!

UnlockYourBlock works her magic through transformational talks, workshops, self-study courses and mentor programs. The lifestyle program is built to inspire you to grow both your personal and professional lives through wellbeing. That’s the passion of founder Tia Castagno, a bold innovator who prides herself on helping others through career and life changes.

Tia’s deep passion for her work pervades UnlockYourBlock, and the new online home for her brand needed to reflect that driving purpose and generate leads for those interested in coaching.

We started with a simple solution: a five-step E-QUITY quiz that gathers email addresses and sends visitors a custom personality report based on their responses. We layered that quiz with a beautiful, parallax-scrolling system and colourful layout that keeps visitors engaged while browsing Tia’s homepage. Integrated call-to-action tools allow visitors to book a call with Tia or learn more about each service with a simple click.

To make sure UnlockYourBlock is always online, we placed the entire website on our cloud-based hosting platform, Potato Care, which handles maintenance and provides uptimes of better than 99.997%.


I had my website built 3 times, never satisfactorily—until I found Metal Potato. I was able to get exactly what I wanted, quickly and satisfactorily.
Tia Castagno — Founder, UnlockYourBlock