How do you simplify the world of online advertising?

You decode it. At least, that was the idea behind FTR Decode, a service dedicated to breaking down a maze of complex advertising options like retargeting, mobile device IDs and geofencing into terms everyone can easily comprehend.

CASE STUDY:#192COMPANY:FTR DecodeDATE:2020DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Decode - Ad Agency Web Design

Generate seamless sales leads in layman’s terms

FTR Decode wanted to have real people available on demand to answer questions. In other words, the mission demanded 24/7 online customer service and lead generation tools that never went to sleep.

We designed a simple-yet-sleek WordPress website for FTR Decode. The landing page puts video breakdowns of advertising strategies front and center while providing lead generation services that take just seconds to utilise. We also integrated a 24/7 chat service featuring live representatives that allows visitors to get an immediate conversation going about their advertising ideas.

To make sure FTR Decode never goes down, we powered the entire project with ultra-reliable Potato Care hosting, which ensures a greater than 99% uptime. The result is a robust, powerful website that packs a library worth of information into a landing page that’s as easy to navigate as an infographic.


We’ve never worked with such efficient, professional and kind web designers. They were the dream team and we felt like our vision was in trusting hands from the start. Metal Potato are great value for money and you won’t be disappointed!
Abby Nichols — Project Lead, FTR Decode