Website design insights

Explore articles that cover a range of subjects, including web design, business growth, digital marketing, updates from Metal Potato, and more.

The Power of Microsites: Driving Results

Boost engagement & brand awareness with microsites! Learn how they enhance marketing efforts & align with SEO strategies.

Introducing Metal Potato’s New Website

Introducing Metal Potato's new site. We’ll help launch your website on budget, on message, and on time! Let's do launch!

Let's do launch

What Does ‘Let’s Do Launch!’ Mean?

"Let's do launch!" Our promise of on-time, on-budget, and on-message website launches that look amazing on any device.

Introducing Potato Care, WordPress Care Plan

Get exceptional WordPress hosting and maintenance with Potato Care. Optimal uptime, security, backups, and support.

Unveiling Our 6-Step Web Design Process

Learn about the 6 crucial steps in our web design process. From strategy to launch, our guide has got you covered.

Mobile App Development

Why We Entered the Mobile App Business

Elevate your online presence with our custom mobile app development services. Let us help your business thrive online.

London Taxi Livery Plymouth

250,000 Reasons Why We Wrapped a Taxi

Discover Metal Potato's London Taxi livery, showcasing our brand and offering a one-of-a-kind tour for clients visiting Plymouth.

secret website rebuild

The Top Secret Website Rebuild

Imperial Building Solutions gets a surprise makeover from Metal Potato, with a stunning rebuild and sleek new design.

Website House of Horrors

Point5Digital: Website House of Horrors

Discover how Metal Potato took the terror of Point 5 Digital and transformed it into a successful business model.


Breaking Down Walls with a Drone

Breaking down walls to explore the world without physical limitations and fly a drone and capture breathtaking sights.

DDOS Attack

The Day the Internet Broke Worldwide!

Discover how Metal Potato protect your website from DDOS attacks with our sophisticated cloud-based hosting system.

World Youth Organization

A Helping Hand Felt Round the Globe

Keep up with the World Youth Organization's work, now protected by Metal Potato's 24/7 technical support and backups.

Brexit: A Shock Felt ‘Round the World

Learn how the UK's historic vote for independence will shape the future of the world and the effects of Brexit on business.

Lessons in Giving Gifts for Business

Discover the importance of giving gifts in business. How Metal Potato's thoughtful gesture builds stronger relationships.


Point5Digital Brought Back from the Dead

Discover how Metal Potato brought Point5Digital back to life, increasing web traffic by four-fold and generating ad sales.

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Website design insights

Explore articles that cover a range of subjects, including web design, business growth, digital advertising, updates from Metal Potato, and more.