We rebuilt a client’s website from scratch without telling them. This is what happened.

Rules are meant to be broken, right? We’re all adults here. We’ve graduated from the days of high school, hall monitors, and permission slips. As an adult, you make the decision to work with us. As other adults, we choose to work with you. And sure, life typically goes by a standard set of societal rules—but what happens when we break those?

What happens when a web design firm goes overboard? When it engages in something reckless?

Once a year, we like to surprise one of our clients with a completely unexpected redesign. Last year, we shocked MidWest Outdoors with the honours. This year, the unsuspecting victim of our creative whims was Imperial Building Solutions.

A few weeks back, Imperial Building Solutions came to us with a simple request: the website we built for them three years ago needed a few minor updates. “Give us some new copy, and a few new menu items,” they said. Yet, when we delved in to take a look at their website at Metal Potato HQ, we realised something—the site, so fresh just 36 months ago—was looking dated.

That’s when we decided to pull the trigger.

Imperial Building Solutions was in our creative crosshairs

Within 10 days, we’d not only solved their initial concerns, but also redesigned their website from the ground up, featuring a sexy, call-to-action on each page, a completely modern facade, and new imagery and content across the board.

The client was gobsmacked.

Did you do this because you are using a new program or something?” They asked. “Did you do this because you had to do it?

The answer, of course, was no. All of our websites are still built on the sturdy, bulletproof framework of WordPress. Indeed, we didn’t redesign their website because we had to, we told them. We did it because we wanted to—because we value our existing customers, many of whom have been with us for years. And, because once a year, we like to mix things up with a little unpredictability.

Imperial Building Solutions could have turned the redesign down, of course. That would have been fine. But, they didn’t. They loved it.

The words incredible and amazing were thrown out. And before long a years-old client that contacted us for a simple modification was reaping the rewards of a totally new website. Go ahead, check it out yourself Imperial Building Solutions in our portfolio. We think you’ll find a sleek, elegant website with a look that works exceptionally well on mobile devices.

We think you’ll find a website that showcases their services like never before. We think you’ll see what small businesses can do when they work together. And we think you’ll keep an eye out the next time you contact us for a minor website modification.

Sure, #TeamSpud would never launch a new website without asking—but we just might rebuild one for you when you’re least expecting it; and with your green light, we’ll gladly launch your old web design into the future.

Contact us to experience the transformative potential of a Metal Potato-designed website, and witness the incredible impact it can have on your online success!