When 17-year old Kieran Goodwin took the reigns as the youngest CEO of a charity in the world, he set out to make the World Youth Organization one of the most impactful positive forces for youth on the planet. In doing so, he took the helm of a charity that works in 41 countries and territories to help young people all over the world find employment, education and growth.

Central to that task, of course, is the charity’s website—worldyo.org.

About a year ago, Kieran approached our team about a web build, but given an extremely tight time table, we were only able to provide a donation to match the cost of a new web design. Still, a few months later Kieran came back to Metal Potato searching for a better way to host and protect the WYO’s new site.

“The thought was growing on me, the thought that one day, our site may just happen to crash, meaning all our content being lost and all the hard work dispense into nothingness.”Kieran Goodwin, CEO

Now, thanks to Potato Care, Kieran’s doubts have been relieved.

“We have known about Metal Potato for some time now, but after reading something on their site about automatic back-ups and round the clock technical support, I was quick to jump on that and get in contact! Since then, my worries for the website maintenance vanished, and now I can relax and put that energy into something else.”

Potato Care provides worldyo.org with a 24/7 failsafe against security threats, crashes and downtime. Together with Kieran, we’re proud to be lending a helping hand to the youth of Planet Earth.