Metal Potato was among the first and fastest out of the gates when it came to responsive web design–a fancy term that means a website may be viewed on all types of devices.  We found a corresponding unique selling proposition (USP): “Building the world’s best mobile-friendly websites”.

Recently, however, we have noticed an alarming trend: web designers are developing a reputation to rival that of politicians and used car salesmen. While their technical skills and knowledge may be impressive, they don’t seem to be able to meet a deadline, stay on budget, or craft a design that meets their clients’ needs. Oh, and communication? Forget about it! We think this is largely the effect of specialisation–of web designers knowing more and more about less and less.

So we’ve set out to learn more and more about more and more, especially when it comes to understanding the things that you need to be a happy and successful client. The result of our odyssey is a new USP; one that is in our wheelhouse and best reflects our commitment to you as a customer.

Responsive design has become an industry norm, so we needed a new focus to separate ourselves from the competition. One thing that never gets old is customer service. Another is excellence. We know that Metal Potato delivers on both counts–big time–but we wanted to manifest these ideals in a more tangible way.

Customer service as a competitive advantage

So over many months of staff meetings, consulting with our best customers, soul searching, and trial and error, we developed three simple but important claims:

  • We will launch your website on time
  • We will launch your website on budget
  • We will launch your website on-message

Excellence and customer service are intrinsic to these statements.

Our new tagline, Let’s do launch!, is our way of encompassing these ideals under a single, easy-to-remember phrase. Our proposition is one that few design firms on the planet can match. These three claims are more than marketing tools; they are our commitment to you.

Get in touch and how we can help to turn your vision into reality.