10 Downing Street, London, U.K.— We are free. For good or bad, the path forward has been chosen, and it was chosen by the people.

As news of the Brexit vote rolled into our Plymouth offices, we couldn’t help but take a step back and marvel at the spectacle. What does it all mean? The pound, for one, plummeted in the face of turmoil. But it will bounce back, and it’s a temporary price for freedom. Now, the U.K. is free again: free to make our own laws, pay our own bills and control our own borders.

History will look back on this day, ‘our Independence Day’, a day that many are calling the most politically significant since the end of World War II. And while it’s yet to be decided whether the Brexit vote will be a historical win or a loss for the nation’s economy, it is, at least, a win for democracy. It is a win for peace.

The announcement that the U.K. will leave the European Union and the resulting resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron shows that change can come the right way—it can come through common sense, a common vote, and common decency.

In many ways, Brexit is a win for the common people.

Brexit: what does it mean for our business?

In the short term, it means that we’ll take a hit with currency conversions. In the long term, it’s inspirational. The U.K. has always been different—an island separated from mainland Europe by culture and cuisine, and some 19 miles of swirling sea. It’s that difference which has propelled us, as a nation, into uncharted territory.

We’re the first country ever to leave the EU. Nobody’s quite sure what that means, except for this: it means that the U.K. is once again different. We’re once again changing and shaping the face of the world, and in a small way, that’s what we hope to do every day inside the walls and behind the computer screens in our offices.

Democracy does it one vote at a time; we do it one website at a time. Today, we are free. Tomorrow, we look brightly towards the unknown future.

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