By now you’ve heard the news: on Friday, massive internet attacks took down sites like Netflix, Twitter and Spotify, marking one of the most sophisticated and widespread internet outages of all time.

The bad news? This attack appears to have come from a nation state, likely China or Russia. It took down a chunk of the internet’s backbone across the most heavily populated areas of the U.S. and parts of Great Britain. Experts agree that Friday’s takedown was the result of a months-long campaign to pinpoint some of the largest websites on the internet and learn how to take them down. The attacks are similar in nature to the 2011 DDOS assaults that made Anonymous famous, but they’re on a level of infinitely larger scale and sophistication.

For all purposes, it appears that a powerful nation state has a cyber warfare scope pointed at the west.

But what does that mean for your website? Specifically, what does that mean for customers like you, who are hosted by Metal Potato’s Potato Care service?

That’s where we have good news.

The good news is that Friday’s attacks didn’t affect you. And, similar actions in the future are unlikely to do so as well, thanks to our sophisticated, cloud-based hosting system that makes it nearly impossible for a DDOS attack—like the kind used Friday—to take you down.

DDOS attacks work by using a computer or network of computers to repeatedly attack a web server and basically overload it with requests for data. Because our system is cloud-based, it’s very difficult to pinpoint a single server or server system to attack, and very difficult to overload. And, in the event that your website does go down for any reason on one server, a backup version is automatically loaded by another one of our cloud-based servers until the latest version can be restored.

In the world of technology, nothing is for certain. But rest assured that we’re providing you with some of the very best protection from attacks like the ones that rocked the world on Friday.

-Metal Potato, over and out.