England: Red phone booths, grey skies, and black taxis. Recently, we stole one of those icons and made it our own.

We know what you’re thinking: who needs a phone booth when we all have smartphones? Well, it turns out, almost nobody. Most of them have been converted to defibrillators or photo booths and we don’t have time for heart attacks or selfies. No. We do not have a Metal Potato phone booth. But we do have a Metal Potato taxi!

That’s right. Straight from the broken down streets of Plymouth, we’ve swiped an authentic, London Taxi with a paltry 250,000 miles on the odometer. That’s damn near new on a vehicle that routinely logs over a million miles in its natural habitat. “Great,” you say. “So what are you going to do with it?

Initially, our plan was to create a mobile web design lab, where small businesses could cop a full website redesign in the back of a taxi. Admittedly, the project is both ambitions and slightly creepy. So, for now, we’ve partnered with Potato client WrapWorx and slapped a brand new skin on this formerly solemn vehicle. It’s now the most stylin’ and profilin’ whip in Plymouth, and it is driving around sporting Metal Potato livery.

If you’ve been reading our blog, WrapWorx will sound familiar. They’re the same company who gussied up the lead vehicle for our Metal Potato/ Souled Outside road trip of Great Britain last year. We liked that wrap so much, that we decided to go all-in on some local advertising by slapping a new colour scheme for the remainder of this London Taxi’s million mile lifespan.

Not bad, huh?

So you bought a car just to have your logo driving around Plymouth,” you say. “You’re a bunch of idiots.

Hold on now. Yes, it’s true that we’ve watched too many episodes of Top Gear. But it’s also true that hundreds of people grab a ride in this cab every week. And although our business has long since gone international, it’s also a homage to our home base in Plymouth—that little Naval base on the English Channel that gave birth to our company and is still home to our head office, MPHQ. It’s a “hi, Plymouth. How you doing?

And our London Taxi Livery also has a very real purpose—if you’re a Metal Potato client, and you ever make your way to Plymouth, we’ll pick you up from the airport in the Tater Cab and give you a one-of-a-kind tour.

How’s that for hospitality?

Now, let’s talk about server relocations via helicopter. Ah, wait. That’s the next post.


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