Every web developer knows the scene from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

The raptors have escaped. A struggle ensues in the control room where a pack of ravenous, carnivorous dinosaurs attempt to break in while two kids are desperately searching through the park’s computer system for the door locks.

It’s a race against time and technology. And it’s life or death.

This is basically what it feels to be a web development company on launch day.

Fast forward to 1996. It’s Independence Day and Jeff Goldblum—the former, heroic Dr. Ian Malcolm—now finds himself in the belly of an invading alien mothership. To his left, pilot Will Smith holds a cigar. In his lap, a computer flashing lines of green and black binary code is downloading a virus into the alien spacecraft.

It’s another race against time and technology. And the entire human race is at stake.

This is also what it feels like to be a web developer on launch day.

So what’s the point? The point is you have to be really passionate about website design to enjoy doing those things.

It’s also true that if you are really passionate about website design, you probably know a fair bit about dinosaurs and alien invasions.

If you are a prospective web developer thinking about getting your feet wet in this industry, we welcome you. We’d also point you to a few nifty tips for starting out.

And if you’re someone searching for a website design company, rest assured that after figuratively saving the world on numerous occasions, Metal Potato can handle the job for you.

Remember, it’s a race against time and technology. We’d like to be your shoes.