That’s a fact. After all, when you shell out hard earned cash for a new website, you don’t just want it to look good and work well—you want to see that investment come back to you in eCommerce sales and page views. You want to see your numbers grow. But is a mobile-friendly web design really the best way to accomplish that? Let’s take a look at the stats.

32,000 page views—that’s what one of our clients, an American news service called Point5Digital (P5D), was averaging before September of last year. For some companies, 32,000 page views a month would be massive; but for a news service, that wasn’t moving the needle. The old P5D website was clunky and cumbersome for their staff to use (adding a new story was like pulling teeth), and to say the layout wasn’t mobile friendly is a bit like saying Darth Vader had a slight attitude problem.

The product before redesign was bad. And that makes P5D the perfect candidate to look at and see just what a responsive website redesign did for their numbers.

118,000 page views. Those were the numbers immediately following their website launch in September. 192,000 page views. By October, people began to catch on.

According to the editors at P5D, the news content stayed the same. They hired no additional staff and made no changes in editorial direction. But thanks to the speed with which they were able to publish news, the way the site’s content automatically displayed on social media, and newfound readability on mobile devices, their stories were gaining more and more traction. By the start of 2015, their web traffic was up by about 430%. 70% of that traffic came from phones and tablets.

Now, depending on the news, their web traffic fluctuates up and down by 20,000-30,000 page views, or roughly the number of hits they were receiving for an entire month before the rebuild.

So can a mobile friendly website redesign for your website boost web traffic? In the case of one client, that answer is, “absolutely.”

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