“Will my website rank on the first page of Google?” It’s a question we’re asked as web developers.

While there are no guarantees in the world of search engine optimisation—a multimillion pound game of cat and mouse between web developers, content creators, website managers and Google—we’ve regularly encountered examples of a WordPress-based website that can boost search rankings.

Instant Improvement with MidWest Outdoors

MidWest Outdoors operates a series of syndicated television shows, an outdoor magazine, and a website originating from the heart of the United States. And while their target audience, outdoor enthusiasts, is an active group online, MidWest’s old website was struggling to attract organic search traffic. Owner Dan Ferris knew he’d need to change that, and with the help of a responsive website from Metal Potato, a constantly updated stream of news posts, and Yoast SEO tools, MidWest Outdoors has been able to boost organic search traffic by thousands of views in the last six weeks alone.

No. 1 on Google with Fishing Tackle Retailer

A business to business news website and magazine, Fishing Tackle Retailer first signed on with our team of developers in 2014. Since then, their website has enjoyed two straight years of ranking No. 1 on Google for key search terms in their industry. Well ahead of mega corporations like Bass Pro Shops and ESPN affiliated websites, this American small business is reaping web traffic rewards thanks, once again, to a responsive website and use of Yoast SEO tools.

So what’s the secret to boost search rankings?

I think it’s a matter of being mindful. When we post a story, we make sure to fully utilise Yoast SEO tools. With a small staff, it’s our best chance of fighting back against larger corporations with dedicated SEO advisors.
Joe Sills — Editor, Fishing Tackle Retailer

Sills says FTR has been using Yoast SEO since a major website redesign four years ago, and the benefits have been enormous.

Because we use the plugin, and we take a little extra time to optimise most of our posts, we receive a fairly large percentage of traffic from organic search. I’ve seen stories from two or three years back ranking in our Top 25 stories as recently as 2017. There’s no doubt that we’re garnering high search rankings because of the frequency of updates on our site (daily), a mobile-friendly layout, and the optimisation of the content itself. Does WordPress play a part? I don’t know of any other content management system that’s easier to use or more effective.

That’s part of the reason Metal Potato builds all of our website on WordPress. The other part is client success. Media companies like MidWest Outdoors and FTR count on page views to attract ad revenue; while eCommerce companies, who make up another large chunk of our client base, can translate organic search directly into sales.

Backing it all is one of the world’s most easy to use and powerful search engine optimisation tools, Yoast SEO—a powerful sidekick to Metal Potato websites since day one that just might help you and your business boost search rankings!

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