What do the Wall Street Journal, Time, TechCrunch, BBC America, Sweden, and Usain Bolt have in common? Their websites all run on WordPress.

What the heck is WordPress? If you’re in the web design business, you already know. If you’re in the business of finding a web designer, WordPress is a word you’ve probably heard, but may want some clarification on. It’s the name of the world’s foremost content management system (CMS), and since its humble beginnings in 2003, WordPress has made websites, well, manageable.

Gone are the days of bespoke, proprietary content management systems that required extensive coursework to learn. WordPress has brought the backend of website management and content posting to the everyman. Today, over 25% of the world’s top 10 million websites are powered WordPress—a testament to the architecture’s ease of use and effectiveness for users and search engines alike.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is an easy-to-use, flexible system for website management: that’s why all of our websites are built with WordPress as a foundation. On that foundation, we integrate custom code like HTML 5, CSS 3, Sass, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, and JSON code, as well as third-party API’s to sculpt and build websites tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

That’s a lot of tech talk, but what it means in real life is innovation; innovation like the integrated lake maps we built for Anglers Channel. There, all of those acronyms came together to create an industry-first blend of Google Maps and Navionics waterway charts. Or, it looks like an automated system to generate high resolution news posts from the Associated Press for WNWS.com.

The Metal Potato web design process is not exactly plug-and-play like a free, WordPress blog is; but it is plug-and-build, and it’s plug-and-purpose exactly to your needs. The final results are unlike anything you can find anywhere else on the web. Since 2011, we’ve been using WordPress to build powerful, flexible websites to innovate, helping our customers stand out from the crowd.

Average tutorial time for new website owners who’ve never operated WordPress before? Just a few hours using custom-made tutorial videos and one-on-one Zoom calls.

In 2022, WordPress-based websites recorded over 20 billion page views PER MONTH across more than 845 million websites. That number is far higher today. The system has a 99-percent SEO-friendly rating from Google, helped in part by fast load times, good coding standards and sitemaps, as well as social media integration and image optimisation. So WordPress’s cutesy name is backed by some serious muscle.

With WordPress, posting new content to your media website is simple. Adding new products on your eCommerce website? That’s a breeze. Making sure your website is displayed beautifully on both mobile and desktop devices? That’s built-in to every website we create. Likely, those are some of the reasons many of the world’s most influential websites operate on the same system we do—the same system that can power your next, modern website from Metal Potato.

So, Why WordPress? Because we think it’s amazing and it’s what we specialise in. Get in touch today to see how WordPress + Metal Potato can help grow your business.