Website design insights

Explore articles that cover a range of subjects, including web design, business growth, digital marketing, updates from Metal Potato, and more.

Write Seo Content

How to Write SEO Content That Converts

How to craft SEO content that climbs rankings! Strategies for keyword targeting, readability, and engaging writing techniques.

Optimise Contact Page Design

Contact Page Design: A Blueprint for Success

Learn how to optimise your contact page for better engagement and conversions with expert tips and inspiring examples.

7 Reasons Your Website Isn't On Google And How To Fix Them

Why Your Website Isn’t Showing Up on Google

Discover why your website isn't showing up on Google and learn actionable solutions to boost your visibility!

Google Remarketing

How Google Remarketing Rescues Lost Customers

Revive lost leads with Google Remarketing! Target engaged visitors, boost ROI with personalised ads across Google platforms.

Seo Scams

Unmasking SEO Scams and Safeguarding Your Website

Guard your business against SEO scams! Uncover deceitful tactics, red flags, and empower your online success with our tips.

How Often Should You Blog

How Often Should You Blog?

Optimise your blog's success with the perfect posting frequency! Learn to balance consistency, quality, and engagement for organic growth.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

10 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Boost your online presence with proven strategies! Master SEO, create engaging content, and more to drive traffic to your website.

Unlocking the Power of Organic Traffic

Boost organic traffic with expert SEO strategies. Increase visibility, attract visitors, and become an industry authority.

Getting Started with Google Search Console

Boost website performance with Google Search Console: monitor, fix errors, gain insights, and improve organic presence.

The Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Discover the very best WordPress newsletter plugins for your website to engage, grow, and optimise your email marketing list today!

How to Promote Your Website for Free

Learn free ways to promote your website for free. Explore SEO, valuable content creation, collaborations and more in our guide.

Creating Effective Local SEO Content

Boost business with effective Local SEO content. Optimise Google My Business, keywords, mobile-friendly design, and more.

The Insider’s Guide to Buyer Personas

Create effective buyer personas for personalised marketing strategies that resonate with your ideal customers and drive traffic to your site.

The Best Lead Magnets for Your Business

Unlock business growth with compelling lead magnets! How to captivate your audience and convert visitors into valuable leads.

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Success

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid for business growth. Set goals, target right audience, optimise SEO, and leverage remarketing.

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Website design insights

Explore articles that cover a range of subjects, including web design, business growth, digital advertising, updates from Metal Potato, and more.