If you’ve got a website, you’ve got web hosting. That means you’re paying someone—or some company— a handsome fee each year to keep your website running. And keeping your website running is critical if you want to convert web traffic into customers and customers into sales.

There are a lot of WordPress Web Hosting options available online, but are you really using the best one? Chances are, you’re probably using the web hosting that came with your website. That’s what most people do. Hey, that’s what we did when we first started. Hostgator, GoDaddy, they are the big names in web hosting—but do you really want to take a supermarket approach to something as critical as keeping your business online?

We don’t.

Reliable WordPress Web Hosting

Rather, we prefer a team of WordPress experts. Metal Potato just happens to be a team of WordPress experts that have, since 2009, been building mobile-friendly WordPress websites. And now, we’re offering the best WordPress Web Hosting on the planet.

Why? Because, we’ll level with you, we saw a hole in the market. WordPress is the most widely used modern content management system, but businesses who center around WordPress web hosting are few and far between.

We call our WordPress web hosting service Potato Care. (Because, we are potatoes and because we care.)

That sounds silly but it’s true. What’s the old saying? Do what you love and you never work a day in your life? We genuinely love web design. It’s a passion. We love keeping your website running great and hearing the response when your website has had another quarter of crushing the competition. We love finding out that your new eCommerce website accounted for x-amount of increase in your sales this year.

It helps us, sure, but it helps you more.

So to keep those good reviews coming in, we made sure to make Potato Care the best WordPress web hosting available. Potato Care includes twice-daily backups of your entire website, 24-hour customer support that doesn’t stop until your problem is solved, and—this is important—WordPress updates installed and checked for compatibility by hand. All starting at just £15 per month.

Sure, it costs a little more than the supermarket approach; but what professionally cooked steak have you ever had that didn’t cost a little more than the one you’re grilling up in the back garden?

Now, you can tell the supermarket to take a hike and get a first-class, restaurant-quality meal instead. Potato Care: give it a try.