Work and pleasure are not a perfect mix, but for those of us who cannot completely getaway, there is a better way.

PARTS UNKNOWN, Scotland — We hovered over the car, faces glued under the bonnet. It was in there, somewhere…the battery pack for our GoPro. We’d jammed it in there on the other side of Great Britain, near a coast road in Wales. Now, we had to pluck it out. Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, its juice had finally run out.

We found ourselves here on a weekday, two members of #TeamPotato—one of us, from Plymouth, the other from the U.S. And while we’d been driving across Great Britain all week, we were still technically at work. In truth, we weren’t doing anything much differently than we usually do. We were still drinking gallons of coffee, and still responding to work emails. The chief difference was that we were doing so in the midst of a 4,000 mile road trip of the U.K.

And we’re here to tell you that you can do that, too. It might sound ludicrous, but there are ways to road trip while you work. Here are our top tips for doing so:

Overcoming connectivity challenges

You won’t be able to get 100-percent of the work done that you’d normally take care of at the office, but with a little planned connectivity, you can still stay in tune with the office without leaving a mountain of work to catch up on when your return. One of the biggest obstacles to working on the road is finding a reliable Wifi connection, so make sure to plan your route accordingly.

Wifi at AirBnB’s and even hotels can be a dicey proposition—especially in remote areas—so do your research to find out if your accommodations have a decent signal.

Take the scenic route

The longer you take to complete your road trip, the better off you’ll be. Instead of cramming as many miles into the day as possible, ditch the blitz and opt for shorter drives. Make room for extended lunch breaks, where you can squeeze in a few emails with your meal, and plan time to wind down for the night after your adventure of choice.

Leaving a few extra hours to work at the end of a travel day can prevent nightmares before they happen the next morning.

Watch your back

One of the greatest lifesavers you can have when you’re road tripping and working is to have a backup system at the office. In our case, a third Team Potato member was assigned to field the most urgent enquiries and calls while we were away. Everything else went to our email, as usual. But pressing matters that needed right-now attention went to our third man.

We didn’t need him much, but the one or two times that he was called upon, Backup Spud was the MVP of the trip.

Relax and disconnect from work

This is the hardest thing to do when you’re mixing work and pleasure. Let’s face it, work and vacation are not an ideal mix, but for those of us who simply cannot completely get away from our duties, it’s important to take time to zen-out and relax.

Whether you accomplish that with a cocktail (not while driving), a coffee, or a soundtrack is up to you. But if you’re going to have a successful trip, it’s essential to chill the f*** out.

At the end of the day, that email can probably wait. And if it can’t, there are worse places to answer it than parts unknown.

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