Last month, our company hit a milestone. We launched a site that landed 100,000 unique visitors in just 24 hours. It was a chance for us to help one of the UK’s rising celebrities, Lucy Watson, with her very first website.

Lucy taught us about her personal brand and style; we taught her about responsive web design. We all learned about cooking under pressure.

Designing any website can come with pressure—you want the layout to be flawless, you want client to be happy, you want the public to rave about it. When that customer has a captivated television audience around the country (not to mention 850,000 Twitter followers), and it’s her very first website… well, then you’ve really got to keep your cool.

At 22:00 GMT on 26th November, Lucy’s site went live. Within ten minutes of launch, Lucy had hosted 10,000 visitors. Twitter was on fire. Fans were spending an average of four minutes exploring the site, and we had to adjust our servers to cope with the demand.

Within 24 hours, the site had logged over 100,000 unique visitors.

This week, we took a few minutes to follow up with Lucy Watson for her thoughts on the experience. Calling the experience a “great pleasure” here’s what else she had to say:

Having my first website put together by Metal Potato has been a great pleasure. Not only were they efficient and speedy but they really followed the creative path that I was going with. I was truly surprised at how quickly they got everything together. I am happy to say that they manage my website for me to a high standard and that I will definitely be using them again for future projects. Lucy Watson – Made In Chelsea TV Series.

We hear you Lucy, cheers to that. And within weeks of launching, our celebrity website design service had attracted several other high profile individuals in film and television.

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