You don’t own a car without changing the oil. You shouldn’t own a website without updating it.

Updates are, without exception, as essential to keeping your website running as an oil change is to your engine. Without fresh oil, your engine breaks down and burns up. Without WordPress Maintenance updates, your website breaks down and stops working, too. But how often does your website really need to be updated?

Oddly enough, about as often as you change your oil—every few months. WordPress releases security and compatibility updates for your website a little more than once every two months. And really, that just covers the major things.

Most WordPress websites have about 10 smaller pieces of software called WordPress Plugins that help give them functionality. WordPress Plugins control functions like contact forms, maps, photo galleries and other interactive elements within your website, and plugins are updated much more frequently than WordPress itself. Think of plugin updates—in car terms—as putting petrol in.

If that all seems like a lot of effort, like a lot more work than you thought a website was going to be, you’re not alone. But, if you think about it, it makes sense. Your website is a major investment, and what investment do you know of that doesn’t require some attention and upkeep?

That’s the catch. Upkeep. Sometimes, a website makes it all the way to launch without very much consideration being given to the WordPress Maintenance after it’s launched. That’s like buying a beautiful new sports car (we’re partial to Jaguar), and not buying petrol, a warranty or insurance.

Pretty scary, right?

WordPress Web Maintenance and HostingWe think so. That’s why we got tired of seeing websites broken down on the side of the Internet highway. And that, is why we created a service called Potato Care which provides WordPress Maintenance and Hosting.

Potato Care handles all of the WordPress updates for you. Need an oil change? Check. What about petrol? Plugin updates are covered, too. No matter how many updates your website needs each month. Lastly, we built in a little something extra—up-to twice daily backups to give your website fully comprehensive insurance in the event of any accident.

So if you’ve got a new website, welcome to WordPress. Now, let us keep her looking and working good as new. Potato Care: We’ll take care of your website. You take care of business.