Speed kills—the saying doesn’t only apply to the motorway. It applies to the web. Since 2010, website load speed has been killing websites search engine rankings, thanks in large part to an website load speed from Google that factors a website’s load time into search results. If you guessed that a slow load time negatively affects those rankings, you’re correct.

Turns out, on the internet super highway, slow website load speed kills. That’s why it’s critically important for your website to be running as quickly as possible, but how do you do that? How do you make sure your website is loading as fast as it can? You get a quality hosting package. And to do that, you’ll need to look outside of the generic isle. You’ll need to relocate your hosting from a cookie-cutter hosting provider to one that specialises in speed, which makes sense if you think about it—nobody has ever won Le Mans in an economy car.

Increasing Website Load Speed

Load times can make or break your website, especially now that over half of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. The demand for web content is rising, but along with it is the need to deliver that content more quickly to any destination on Earth; yes, to any device on Earth. Your competitors likely know this. You know it as well. And it’s a good reason to take a look at our specialized, high-speed hosting service called Potato Care. That’s your race car. That’s the key to upgrading your website load time and giving your search engine rankings a turbocharge.

Potato Care is built on a cloud-based system that spreads your website across a global network of servers to match a global network of internet users. It’s filled with redundancies and security measures—sort of like a first-rate antitheft system and insurance on a car—to keep your website not only in your hands, but running strong in the event of catastrophe. It’s also blazing fast.

Each Potato Care package can be built to your website’s exact needs. It’s not cookie-cutter, it’s not mass market, but we think Potato Care is the best web hosting available on the internet today. We’ve built it with time, care and consideration to help your business rise to the top. Remember: load speed kills on the internet, and we want to see your business alive and well.