Punting. It’s risk taking. It’s thrilling. And it’s a bit frightening. But you’ve been there. If you’re a business owner, just getting to where you are now felt like a huge punt right from the beginning.

Maybe your company started out in a garage or a living room. Maybe it’s the result of a thousand board room meetings that left your ears ringing every Tuesday night. Wherever you started, you likely took the first steps because somebody somewhere wanted a change—somebody somewhere decided to go out on a limb for an idea. If you’re here now, that means you not only took the first step, but you also planted your foot squarely in front of you for another and another.

Kudos to you.

“Great,” you’re thinking. “I know how to walk in the business world, but what are you getting at?”

What we’re getting at is the heart of an idea: that taking risks in business is essential for moving forward. But that doesn’t mean punting is only for startups. Take our recent client Managed By as an example.

Managed By are located in London, and they handle very high-end property development projects in some of the city’s finest neighbourhoods. When we first got the email about Managed By, our CEO prefaced it by giving our staff special instructions. “If Elton John wanted to build a new mansion in Central London,” he said, “These are the guys he would use.”

That’s the long way of saying Managed By could hire whoever they wanted to. They could easily have outsourced their website needs to a much larger firm than ours, but they didn’t.

Based on a personal recommendation, Managed By took a chance on a Devon-based company located quite far away from Central London. This was the result:

“Metal Potato were recommend to me for their affordability and turnaround time.  I hesitated as they were located in Devon and I was not certain that they would be able to interpret the design brief and deliver the high level of finish that my clients wanted, without a F2F meeting. We took a punt as Metal Potato were passionate about their work and gave us the assurance that they would ‘get it right’ whatever it took.

I cannot emphasise how refreshing it is to work with a really decent bloke who only cares about what the client thinks about their new website. Nothing was too much trouble and the design was absolutely spot on. Our designer was a gem and I look forward to working with him on future sites”

Elly Butler – Rafiki Marketing

Thanks Elly. Thanks for taking a punt on us—we’re all too happy to catch it. And we’re all too happy to make a few more friends in London.

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