The power of proper marketing and advertising is indisputable for small businesses, but it can also be expensive. With a tight budget, and an even tighter economy, how can small business owners successfully market their company without breaking the bank? Today, we’d like to look at 4 easy ways businesses can market on a shoe-string budget in 2015.

Use social media strategically

Let’s start with Social Media Marketing. Yes, we’ve all heard more than once how important social media is to brand building, but how can you use it without spending thousands of pounds in Facebook ads? Simple. Understand your audience and create content based on their needs.

Use social media to reach your audience and draw them back to your website where you can advertise to them until your heart is content.

Start guest blogging or doing interviews

Regardless of what your business is, guest blogging on a relevant website could open doors to hundreds or thousands of new clients. For example, if your business is based on beauty products – try writing a blog about the best way to apply makeup and end the article with a nice call to action for your website.

Do not underestimate the power of offering in-demand and valuable content.

Build a solid relationship with your audience

The corporate world knows all too well how cost effective it is to retain your customers as long-term clients instead of looking for new ones.

One way to build excellent communication is through a mailing list. Sign people up for an email newsletter and send them fresh content once a week, or month depending on your field, to keep their interest.

Give your product away

That’s right, give away your costly products! What we mean is offer customers something they cannot refuse, free stuff. Whether you sell a service, consultations, or beauty products give potential customers a free sample to make them loyal customers. We have used this very successfully. We wrote about our experience here: How to Work For Free and Increase Company Profits.

There is no excuse for not marketing. Get out there and start advertising, and do it without spending a dime with the aforementioned strategies. It’s also important to be a little unique. See how by Thinking Outside the Bun! #NotATypo

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