Unlike traditional methods of advertising like television, radio and print ads, social media allows businesses to interact with customers at an unprecedented level. This of course means that businesses can be responsive to the demands of consumers, but it also means that businesses have to have a plan – and they have to be paying attention. Not sure where to start on making money with social media? Here are 5 strategies to consider:

Going viral

It goes without saying that getting your name or your brand in front of as many potential customers as possible is a great way to attract new ones. This relies on creativity (we gave our services away for free) and responsiveness. An image plus a few words and a sponsored post and if you time it right, you may just have a winner.

Oreo cookies parlayed a blackout into a boon with its “You can still dunk in the dark” campaign.

Using video

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after it’s parent, Google. Consumers love to watch creative ads – they will even seek them out, if they are entertaining enough and share them with their friends. And you don’t even need to have a Super Bowl calibre ad to capitalise on the power of video.

All you need is great flash mob, or some other engaging footage, then sit back and watch what happens.

Blog, blog blog

It doesn’t take a degree in physics to understand that with more and more people reading blogs on a daily basis – and engaging with the content – a great blog can have a massive impact on your bottom line.

Businesses with 51 or more blog posts drive 77% more leads per month to their sites than those that don’t. Can’t argue with that.

Use hashtags

Using branded hashtags is one of the best ways to interact with your target audience and is at the heart of social media marketing. They are so important that a great hashtag campaign can earn an advertising award. #OnIt.

Contests are where it’s at

One of the best ways to generate new leads and attract new customers is to run a social media contest. Everyone from self-published authors to corporate giants like Audi are doing it and for good reason – a great contest generates thousands of likes, shares, and new leads.

And with plenty of platforms available to help you run a legally compliant campaign, it’s never been easier.

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