It’s a curious thing, how the seas of commerce change. When we launched HMS Metal Potato in 2003, we set sail on a journey to create the very best mix of web products that businesses could ask for. What we created was a grab-bag full of products like logo design, website design and SEO services—and it served us well.

In the past decade years, we’ve connected with some truly incredible clients. We’ve made fantastic friends, created fabulous business solutions for them and become well-known for our customer service and quality of work.

HMS Metal Potato proved worthy enough to sail the waters of Devon; but as we made our way into the Channel, the tides of Commerce began to change. The seas were getting rough.

All around, we saw companies who stayed afloat pick-and-choose services springing leaks. These companies, who were once able to earn a sustainable living with their one-off projects, were being forced to build quicker, faster and cheaper due to an influx of overseas labour—and the results showed in their work.

They no longer had time to care for their clients, and their ships were sinking. We knew that could never be us.

To make sure we could always care about our clients, we’ve headed back to port for a complete Metal Potato Overhaul—and we rather like it. For one, it comes with this shiny new website; but more importantly, it means we’ve changed the focus of our services.

Rather than providing a la carte solutions, our crew is refocusing their considerable talents towards creating complete website design solutions for businesses who want an in-depth relationship with their design firm: businesses who want the best customer service and industry knowledge available.

This new focus enables us to really get to know our clients, and in turn provides higher quality services, resulting in even more brilliant design and even more effective search engine optimisation.

Through our new complete website development model, we have the ability to create truly ground breaking, interactive web experiences; and we take complete control of a website’s SEO before the first line of code is ever written. Metal Potato incorporates SEO into the very framework of a website’s design.

Best of all—we’re still providing the same outstandingly brilliant customer service as before, whether it’s 9am or 11pm.

For our customers, this new direction means their return on investment goes way up. For Metal Potato, it makes us a veritable dreadnaught, capable of waging war against the pesky pirates of cheap web-aesthetics and poor customer service.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved, except the pirates.

Now, as we set back out to sea—well-armed and provisioned with extra hearty potatoes—we look forward to flying our customer service flag high and meeting the new challenges of future companies and colleagues head-on.

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