So you’ve been seeking help designing a website for your business. You need a great design, but you want to do it on the cheap. And, of course, you’ve tried all the free “drag and drop” services like Weebly, Wix and Moon Fruit, only to discover that those types of services all have that “template” feel to them, insuring you’re never creating anything truly unique.

Regardless of what’s been done so far, let’s say you’ve found a guru who agrees to build your website for £150. Sounds like a good deal, but let’s investigate why it would be better to stay away from low budget web design.

3 Reasons to be Skeptical of Budget Web Design

  1. We all know the rule: It takes money to make money. It’s important to remember that your website is just as much an investment as your retail space or office. So why are some business owners content with paying thousands per month on a lease, but are willing to pay only hundreds for their web design? In today’s economy, it really should be the other way around since web traffic trumps foot traffic. That said, why go with a budget web design when you can have a professional build you a site that is even more attractive and lucrative than your retail space?
  2. You need to stop thinking of a website as a tiny element of your marketing efforts. That’s just not true. A website is more than an online brochure. It’s an outlet for earning new clients and making more sales, and to make it as such, you need a professional who knows how to make your website your number one marketing tool by optimizing every spec from aesthetics to search engine optimization. With budget web design, you’ll wind up only with a glorified online business card. Hire a professional with a proven track record who can make a website work for you.
  3. When you take the budget web design route, you’ll probably wind up with a novice at best. If you mention vital tools or protocol to your designer: SEO, WC3 Compliance, Site Map, CMS, Header Tags, Optimizing Images, Robots.txt, Mobile Device Optimization, utilizing Responsive Web Design, etc, and that designer has no idea what you’re talking about, then you’ll know for sure that it’s time to make a good investment in a world-class web designer.

In short, realise your website is more than a brochure or business card–that it is, in fact, a retail outlet, an office, a customer service portal and much, much more. Realise that the investment is worth it no matter how enticing low budget web designers price their services.

Why? Because, as mentioned before, web traffic trumps foot traffic.