It is with great excitement and a bittersweet nod that we announce a new visual identity for Metal Potato. In the past four years, we’ve grown a lot with our big, multi-coloured M. And we’ve had a ton of fun together. Frankly, there are so many things we love about him—his dimensional triangles, the way a slight symmetry formed above his orange and yellow eyebrows.

But reflecting on our growth since 2005, we realised that the big M was no longer an accurate representation of who we are at Metal Potato. The big M was, well, too big.

So today, we’re here to announce a new logo: the little m.

Metal Potato Logo Evolution

The evolution of the Metal Potato logo

Little m is brighter; he’s more approachable and a bit incomplete. Really, we feel that little m says exactly what Metal Potato is about and what we’ve learned through the years.

He says boldly, “Hey! We’re missing a piece, and that piece is you!

Little m represents a dynamic work of art—your company—that’s missing just one piece—a gorgeous website.

We think our new identity represents a self-awareness of not being the biggest kid on the block, not taking ourselves too seriously, and realising that there’s always room to grow. So if you see a car, lorry, or city-flag flying a tiny, colourful m rest assured that no matter their intentions, they’ve at least got a beautiful website.

This post was updated in 2023. Read more at: Metal Potato launches new USP.

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