Revamping your small business website: How to find an affordable solution that pays real world dividends.

Let’s say you’re like a lot of small businesses owners throughout the world: you’re running a family operation that employs somewhere between five and 25 people. Your products and services are well known in your local community, maybe even your region, and your company has been around as long as anyone in town can remember.

In short—you’ve got a lot of good things going for your small business.

But, your website… it’s, well, out of date. It doesn’t look great, that’s true, but what really bothers you is that your website is costing you money in upkeep and service fees, and it’s never really made the kind of money you imagined when you first launched it.

How do you fix that?

While it’s tempting to burn the entire thing to the ground and return to the analogue days of rolodexes, that’s unlikely to turn a profit for you in the digital world.

And so, you’re at an uncomfortable crossroads. Continue to spend money on a site that has never produced for you, or re-invest in a concept that has, well, never produced for you.

Fortunately, those aren’t your only options.

Using a little online education and the same business savvy that keeps the bills paid every month, you can find an affordable solution that allows you to build a modern website that pays real world dividends.

First, the education. Average web design costs can range from less than £1,000 to well over £100,000. So how do you know which option is best for you? You weigh up the pros and cons.

The cheapest websites are often build-it-yourself operations. You’ve probably seen the ads for them. Maybe you’ve even tried to build a website with them. And they’re fine… for business owners who aren’t serious about making a profit. Do-it-yourself websites are okay for businesses who don’t already have a presence online. They’re a nice way to get your brand out there, generate some minor search engine results, and make the first steps towards taking your business online.

But, they’re generally not flexible enough or powerful enough for a small business hoping to really make money.

Affordable options, though, do abound. Many web design agencies charge anywhere from £60 – £300 an hour for web design. Those rates often come with a myriad of extra customer services such as digital marketing consultation, search engine strategy, and content strategy recommendations. In other words, a reputable agency is going to help you launch your new website with not just a digital door front, but also a digital plan.

Most of our projects, for instance, forgo an hourly rate and are instead billed out in installments. That helps keep costs predictable, ridding you of overhanging monthly fees while also keeping budget overruns at an absolute minimum.

That’s part of the plan we deliver.

It goes along with a modern website that’s specifically built to generate income rather than anxiety. Today, Metal Potato eCommerce websites are generating more than £30 million per year for our clients.

Many of those website owners contacted us when they were just like you—racking their brains watching their website sit still. So what should you be paying for a website that makes money?

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