Metal Potato recently decided to test out what are claimed to be the finest business cards on the planet, the Moo Luxe card. A lot of premium business card reviews will claim that their writers decided to go against the grain of the world; that while many people feel the tactile business card is fading into history, they rebelliously chose to go another direction and invest in the old paper warhorse.

But truthfully, our business—WordPress web design—is full of agencies using premium business cards.

It makes sense, really. Web design agencies are full of graphic designers and engineers who sweat the details and appreciate good design. So we decided to try Moo not on a revolutionary whim, but as an ode to our appreciation of fine craftsmanship, and an attempt to stay a little ahead of the competition.

Boy, has that paid off.

Expectations were high after watching Moo’s promotional videos, which touts New York-sourced fine paper and a stock heavier than your grandmother’s meat pie. But from the moment we received our shipment of Moo Luxe, those expectations were exceeded. In fact, they’re our new favourite thing at the office—they’re even cooler than our Terminator II Metal Potato office sign.

Our particular Moo Luxe arrived in a package worthy of Cupertino, which was neat.

The cards themselves are, as promised, very heavy. We love the colourful seam running through the middle of each one, and we measured each card to be about the thickness of a credit card! That’s great stuff, but what can’t be described is just the way Moo Luxe feels.

We’re not sure what they’re doing to trees in New York, but whatever it is must be magic. We wouldn’t be surprised if Mohawk Paper has Gandalf maintaining their forests, because these things are magical.

Moo Luxe does come at a price significantly higher than your average business card, but for any business looking to be more than just average, they are a can’t miss buy. To Moo, we commend you for your quality. And as our office sign would say, “I’ll be back”.

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