So you’ve got yourself a plan? A hot new product ready to fly off of the digital shelves and into a little brown box on a consumer’s doorstep? First of all—congrats! Secondly, before you start purchasing your mail-order drone fleet, take a look at these design choices that can impact the ecommerce conversion rates of your online store.

Keep that clutter out

Hey, we get it, you want to show off everything your product has to offer. The temptation to data-dump or throw an all-encompassing product showcase into your eCommerce design is huge. Often, people want to put many different products on their homepage for fear that they’ll only get a second or two with each customer.

Relax there, little doggy. A clean, high resolution image of just one product is actually more likely to engage a customer and keep them looking around for more.

Promote your sales

This is nothing new for retailers, but if you have a sale it makes sense to put that info on the front page of your website. Easter egg sales are fun, but there’s a reason brick-and-mortar shops around the world have pavement sales or stick giant signs in their store windows. A sale will draw someone in—even if they wouldn’t normally think about buying anything.

Get that menu in shape!

This goes back to clutter. Make your navigation menus easy to use an intuitive. Take a cue from the original iPod (remember the one with the scroll-wheel). Apple designers knew that you had to be able to get anywhere in just three-clicks. The same applies to your website menu.

Also, make sure that bad boy is mobile-friendly!

Throw out some recs

A basic principal of brick-and-mortar up-selling. If Johnny buys some shoes, Johnny will probably buy some socks. Make sure your eCommerce site is up-selling for you by utilising recommended products.

Of course, these suggestions aren’t the definitive guide to all eCommerce solutions; but they are a nice start!

And if you have more questions, you can always ask #TeamPotato… Get in touch to see how we can help improve your conversion rate and succeed online.