The year was 1440, and what we would know now as the modern printing press had just been invented.  So, too, had the world’s first serif typeface. You know, the swoopy letters that look like Times New Roman.

For 500 years, that typeface has been the workhorse of print media. But digital media, for decades, has relied on a different typeface: the sans-serif font. It’s easier for computer screens to produce, easier for people to read, and an all-around younger typeface (first appearing in the late 1700s). It’s a strange wonder, then, that for almost 20 years, Google’s logo rested on the laurels of a 15th-century font.

No more.

This week, Google rebranded with a completely new identity. And this time, they used the font of the future.

Kudos to you, Google. At Metal Potato, we’re big fans of a less-is-more approach to design, and you’ve just hit the nail on the head. Google, we’re hoping your changes lead to an even easier to read internet for all of us. After all, your new look is sure to subliminally influence millions of minds every day.

That’s a little creepy, but so is your humanoid, forest loving robot.

And regardless of the future direction of robotics, androids and the demise of human civilization as we know it, we’re glad that you’ve made at least one step towards making society a little more civilized this week. Less is more. Simple is elegant, and elegant is beautiful.

Now, if you could just make a Metal Potato Google Doodle, we’d be in business…

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