West Devon School was one of our first clients, way back in 2011. They were our first government contract in the U.K. And, their easy-to-use Potato-designed website served them well for over five years. But, as they say, all good websites need refreshing; so this year we took the helm on a new website for West Devon School Sport, incorporating advances from the last five years of web design into a shiny, new package for their athletic programs.


The new website retains some features from the original—like a dynamic event booking system, and online ticketing portal that creates digitally-readable tickets—but brings the features up-to-snuff for the web of 2017. Coordinating hundreds of young people in different organisations throughout the month can be a daunting task; but that’s just what West Devon School Sport needed from their website. We’re thrilled to once again deliver for a government entity that sets a rigid bar for excellence in web design.

West Devon School Sport

You have all exceeded my expectations. Your dedication, communication and customer services are exemplary, and I only wish other companies had the same enthusiasm. This plays a huge part in the success of a business, and will continue to take your company far.
Jeanette Green