Good things come in pairs. So when existing Metal Potato clients Christina Howells (That Girl) and Dan Roberts (Methodology X) teamed up to create a brand new endeavour, we knew the results would be fantastic. The duo called their new business, That Methodology, and set a course to make it one of the finest workout regimes on the market—without a subscription model.

That Methodology Subscription Web Design

I challenge you to find a better web design team than Metal Potato! It will not be easy!!
Christina Howells, Co Founder


What’s the hook? For a one-time, members get lifetime access to six bespoke workouts, a planner, bonus videos, nutritional information and direct access to Christina and Dan.

To put it all together, we contributed an absolutely gorgeous, responsive website that makes it easy for anyone to join That Methodology, and provides a seamless presentation of workout routines and information on any device. And, thanks to our customised WordPress platform, That Methodology can take advantage of powerful search engine optimisation tools to ensure that their website shines above the rest on Google.

So how do you gauge the success of a fitness program? By the progress its customers make. Check out the live site for a look at That Methodology’s rise from the ground up, with a little help from our Potato fields.

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Subscription Web Design
Subscription Service Web Design
That Methodology

Not only did Metal Potato produce a website that is highly functional and incredibly stylish, but they also helped every step of the way with guidance on how to best edit our gif and video content so that the site would run efficiently. The service was flawless and they were always available to help and listen.
Christina Howells, Co Founder