Build a platform to generate revenue from a fitness program

The primary objective of the That Methodology website was to create a user-friendly platform that would make it easy for anyone to join the program and access six bespoke workouts, a planner, bonus videos, nutritional information, and direct access to Christina and Dan.

CASE STUDY:#118COMPANY:That MethodologyDATE:2016DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Developing a digital blueprint and online platform for fitness professionals

We were approached by existing clients Christina Howells and Dan Roberts who wanted to create a new workout regime that would stand out in the market. They called their new business That Methodology.

What’s the hook? For a one-time fee, members get lifetime access to six bespoke workouts, a planner, bonus videos, nutritional information and direct access to Christina and Dan.

To put it all together, we contributed an absolutely gorgeous, responsive website that makes it easy for anyone to join That Methodology, and provides a seamless presentation of workout routines and information on any device. And, thanks to WordPress, That Methodology can take advantage of powerful search engine optimisation tools to ensure that their website shines above the rest on Google.

The That Methodology website has been a great success, with customers reporting significant progress in their fitness journey. The website has also received positive feedback from users who appreciate its ease of use and responsiveness on different devices.

The entire website is hosted on Potato Care, our world-class, WordPress hosting and maintenance service with incredibly fast load times that make browsing on mobile intuitive, and nearly instant.

We believe that the success of this project is a testament to our commitment to creating user-friendly websites that meet the needs of our clients and their customers.

Metal Potato built a highly functional and visually stunning website, provided expert guidance on optimising our video content so that we could maximise site performance. The service was flawless and they were always available to help and listen.
Christina Howells — Co-founder