We really enjoy making dull things beautiful

When we hooked up with Magic Butterfly, we found that our goals perfectly aligned. You see, Magic Butterfly is all about bringing colour into a dreary world.

CASE STUDY:#85COMPANY:Magic ButterflyDATE:2014DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Truly stunning workout attire

Magic Butterfly specialise in beautiful, vibrant workout leggings that help people express their personality in a place that’s otherwise black and drab (boo). So how lucky did we feel when the magic butterflies needed a little help from our metal potatoes in making their website come to life?

Answer: very.

The result of our collaboration is a colourful website that has a full eCommerce suite called WooCommerce to help them sell those leggings! Better yet, the website connects the owners of those leggings back to Magic Butterfly with a #LeggingsOnLocation page that customers can easily upload their selfies to.

Magic Butterfly wanted to make sure all of their bases are covered, so we’ll be monitoring social media for anyone using #LeggingsOnLocation so we can add those photos to the L.O.L. page, automatically!!!

With a little colour from Magic Butterfly and internet know-how from Metal Potato, we’ve made a website that will make their brand shine!

A new business venture is difficult, but Metal Potato have held my hand every step of the way. I don’t know of any other agency that would show the interest and support that I have received from Metal Potato. Thoroughly, thoroughly recommended.
Lynne Bird — Founder, Magic Butterfly