How a responsive website design helped FotoPhoto stand out in a crowded market

Three years ago, FotoPhoto became one of the first websites built under the Metal Potato flag. And for three years, their first-rate photography service used that website to grow and prosper.

CASE STUDY:#81COMPANY:FotoPhotoDATE:2014DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

FotoPhoto's digital makeover

Alas, every website eventually needs an update—so we set off on a new mission for our old friends at FotoPhoto. They knew it was time to upgrade their site; we knew it was time to thank them for being one of our very first fans.

The Metal Potato team had a carte-blanc to work from, which gave them the freedom to create a website that was both functional and visually appealing. The design, of course, focuses on their photography, and we threw in a new brand identity and expert copywriting using services we didn’t offer in 2011.

For us, giving FotoPhoto a boost for the next three years was just as important as their friendship for the last.

I am thrilled with the new website. You showcased our photography beautifully and increased our enquiries. Big thanks to Andrew at Metal Potato for a job well done!!!
Rick Green — Founder, FotoPhoto