How do you stay competitive in a cutthroat industry? With immaculate web design!

Free. No strings attached. That was our quote to London-based PR firm Emerge Limited in 2013. We work for free in one of our first moves towards growing market share. Two years later, after a love affair with our services, Emerge returned for a new website—this time, they were happy to pay.

CASE STUDY:#91COMPANY:Emerge LimitedDATE:2015DELIVERABLES:Design, Development, Support & Maintenance

Building a modern website that's radically different from the one built some 24 months ago.

The internet is constantly evolving, and in just two years, it underwent drastic changes. While clean and crisp design was still in style, responsive design became even more crucial to search engine rankings. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from their work environment.

Stepping into Emerge’s offices, it was clear that they were experts in the clean and stylish look, with a focus on white space. As masters of PR and management for some of the UK’s most notable brands and celebrities, their website had to reflect their level of expertise on any device. To create a website that mirrored their real-world workspace, we incorporated customer testimonials, a news page, and easy-to-use about and contact pages.

Metal Potato brought Emerge’s elegant brick-and-mortar offices to life in the digital realm with a mobile-friendly website design that showcased their case studies, news, information, and live Instagram stream. Since the redesign, their digital foot traffic has increased by nearly 500%.

When brains and beauty meet, it’s a match made in heaven.


Not only does this company fundamentally understand how important client vision is, but they have very high standards. The fees extremely competitive and the efficiency with which Metal Potato work is also unparalleled by any other company I have worked with.
Emily Austen — Director, Emerge