Websites age faster than dogs, and after five long and profitable years, Creature Jewellery approached us for a redesign of a website that we built in 2013. Inspired by a new product line launch, Creature founder and Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson decided it was time for a revamp.

Creature Jewellery Web Design


Though the original Creature Jewellery site had aged well by 2013 standards, 2018 called for a total ground-up reimagining of its space. Powered by a modern, minimalist sense of style that includes loads of white space, large crisp images, clear typography and even more customer-focused copy, we built a website that fades into the background while Lucy's jewellery does the talking. With a tight, one week window for delivery, we blew passed the checkered flag and across the finish line on just Day 6 of that timeline, and our old friend Lucy couldn't be more pleased with the result.

Creature Jewellery Web Design
Creature Jewellery Website Designer

Having my third website put together by Metal Potato has been a great pleasure. Not only were they efficient and speedy but they really followed the creative path that I was going with. I am happy to say that they manage my website for me to a high standard and I will definitely continue to use them.
Lucy Watson